After Marrying the Wealthy Disabled Tyrant

After Marrying the Wealthy Disabled Tyrant


63 Chapters Ongoing Status
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In order to save the family business, Wen Yuan had to marry a certain wealthy tyrant.

Father: Don’t mention how rich his family is, they own more than half the high-end hotels in Wancheng…

Wen Yuan: I’m not that superficial!

Mother: Calmly opens the high-definition photo of a certain boss and hands it over.

Wen Yuan: Unreal, is that still human?


When Wen Yuan first entered Qi’s house:

Tyrant president’s daily indifferent face: Idiot, don’t try to please me with clumsy tricks.


Tyrant president’s daily aggrieved face: Wife, you haven’t spoken to me for five minutes.


After that:

Wen Yuan became popular on the Internet as a food blogger. His fans were heartbroken when they learned that he was married at an early age, and expressed that they would climb the wall.

Until one day, Wen Yuan forgot to turn off the camera after finishing a live broadcast. As soon as he turned around, he was pressed on the cooking table by a handsome and tall man.

“Making things for others to eat… When will you let me have a bite?”

Fans: Ahhhh, do it again!! Let him eat!!

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