Even If I Have to Sell My Soul to the Devil!

Even If I Have to Sell My Soul to the Devil!

악마에게 영혼을 팔아서라도 [선공개]

5.2 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 1 days ago


“You’re no longer able to bear a child? You can’t do what everyone else does, Laurentia.”

Laurentia, Grace’s twin sister, died due to her husband’s mistreatment.

“Marquis Meyer gave compensation, didn’t he? Could you give us a little? As you already know, the youngest is about to get married.”

While her family do was covetting her sister’s money. In Grace’s eyes, they were the Devil.

And Grace had children to protect. The children that Laurentia left behind on her behalf!

She was determined.

To take revenge for Laurentia and protect the children at all cost.

Even if she had to sell her soul to the Devil!

* * *

Archduke Johan Raphael Berhemoth.

That Devil…

“Grace, I’ll do everything you want. Just don’t push me away.”

…Could be this sweet. She would never have expected that.

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