Marriage of a Sickly Villain and a Fortune Hunter

Marriage of a Sickly Villain and a Fortune Hunter


72 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Xia Xingchi was very poor, until he died and transmigrated into a book to become a young master who was adopted back into a wealthy family, becoming rich in an instant!

It was a pity that the book’s moral values were distorted, and he was only cannon fodder while the fake young master who stole the show was the protagonist.

Loved by neither his father nor his mother, Xia Xingchi was forced to marry the frail and sickly villainous big boss. If he escaped the marriage, it would be the end for him. At the engagement banquet, the fake young master set up a trap to lure him into fleeing the marriage and making a scene, but didn’t expect that his eyes would light up on the spot as he rushed up excitedly to say, “Hey, husband!”

This appearance like an immortal, this perfect figure with wide shoulders and long legs……the little fortune hunter was disinterested. In his eyes, his fiancé Li Chengyuan was a gleaming humanoid cash machine!

Xian Xingchi resolutely sat on Li Chengyuan’s lap and held his hand affectionately: “Mr. Li, do you believe in love at first sight?”

— Whenever he heard the call of money, he believed.

Everyone was dumbfounded, thinking that Xia Xingchi was truly an idiot, and he was bound to be tossed to the ground by the villainous boss on the spot. Unexpectedly, Li Chengyuan lowered his eyes in silence, and smiled faintly after a moment: “I believe.”

In full view, he picked up Xia Xingchi and abducted him home.

Xia Xingchi was shocked: Wait! Let me go! Your script is wrong!

Facing the derailed plot, the little fortune hunter had no choice but to make money in the entertainment industry to get rich — while giving Li Chengyuan the most loving end-of-life care –

According to the plot of the original book, the villain was about to die.

Li Chengyuan’s face was pale, and he asked weakly in a low voice: “Will you agree to everything I say?”

Xia Xingchi thought of the 100 billion inheritance that would soon belong to him, wept with joy, and nodded with tears in his eyes: “Tell me, I will definitely promise you.”

To his shock, a certain dying person immediately rose up: “Mark your words.”

Xia Xingchi, who couldn’t get out of bed the next day: “Damn! A person dying of illness can also do this sort of thing!”

Li Chengyuan: I don’t know why he always thinks I’m going to die, so I have to show him otherwise

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