Onee-san Sensei wa Danshikousei ni Edzuke Shitai

Onee-san Sensei wa Danshikousei ni Edzuke Shitai


6 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 1 days ago


Ryota Kaihara is often misunderstood as a “yankee” because of his sharp eyes and his attitude. And because he excelled both in academics and martial arts he was dubbed as the “Intellectual Yakuza.”

In the spring of his first year in high school he helps a teacher when she is in trouble due to a complaints from a parent, that teacher is the swimming club advisor, named Meiru Kishikawa. She is the object of admiration from all the boys and sometimes they called her “Lady Knight Sensei” and since Ryota lives alone, all he eats are convenience store lunch boxes and junk foods. When Meiru-sensei found that out she tried to feed Ryota home-cooked meals every chance she gets while saying that it’s for his nutritional management.

A year after that encounter Ryota is now in his 2nd year and all the students believe that the Intellectual Yazuka is under the observation of Kishikawa-sensei but the truth is that they have become so close to each other as Kishikawa-sensei is always feeding Ryota home-cooked meals.They seem to be closer than of a teacher and student but they are not aware of it. Is what they’re doing “feeding”, “guidance”, or is it–

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