The moment he walked out of Yihua Palace, the smile on Li Hao's face gradually disappeared. He couldn't say what it was, but his heart was inexplicably heavy, and it was covered with a thick layer of shadow.


  Mother has always been soft and gentle, and she has never been so emotionally out of control and strongly opposed to a thing.


  Lu Mingyu has a bright temperament but is actually kind and soft-hearted. How could she suddenly embarrass his mother in public?


   There must be something quietly happening that he doesn't know about.


  Li Hao stopped for a long time, his eyes were uncertain.


  The inner servant Xiaonian waited silently.


   After a long time, he heard the gentle command from the master: "Follow me to the Jiaofang Hall."



   Eunuch Xiaonian was stunned for a moment, and he blurted out: "The Empress has set up a palace banquet. At this time, there are many famous ladies in the Jiaofang Hall. It seems inappropriate for His Highness to pass by at this time!"


   In times of trouble, the Great Wei has not yet unified the country, and the rules and practices of the previous dynasties have been extended. On an ordinary day, it's not a big deal for young men and women to meet and travel together, but today they are in the palace, so they have to avoid suspicion.


  Li Hao is very assertive. Once he makes up his mind, he no longer thinks too much. He walked to the Jiaofang Hall.


   The young eunuch slapped himself lightly and quickly chased after him.


  What the master wants to do, where is his turn to be suspicious.




   After a stick of incense.


  In the hall of Jiaofang, there is still the sound of silk and bamboo.


  Queen Qiao was disturbed by the previous scene, and she was not in a good mood. Occasionally, her eyes glanced at Lu Mingyu, who was sitting calmly at the bottom of the table, and her heart was even more depressed and annoyed.


   Concubine Meng Gui didn't want to let go of any opportunity to block Queen Qiao and smiled deliberately: "The most outstanding and top ladies in the capital are all in front of you. Empress must keep your eyes open and take a good look."


  Look at the fart!


   Being so troubled, how could she still be in the mood to pick her daughter-in-law!


   Concubine Meng was deliberately poking her heart!


   Queen Qiao glanced at Concubine Meng, and said lightly, "This palace is idle and has nothing to do. I invite the ladies to enter the palace to have fun. How come when it came to the concubine's mouth, it became different. But I have no other intentions."


  Concubine Meng touched a soft nail, but she was not annoyed, she pursed her lips and smiled: "It's the concubine who wants to talk too much. The Empress doesn't like to hear it, so the concubine doesn't talk about it."



   Queen Qiao's eyes dimmed.


   Facing Su Zhaorong, she, the queen, straightened her waist and could humiliate her at will.


   Concubine Meng is no better than Su Zhaorong, who came from a humble background.


   Concubine Meng is the daughter of a military general and grew up with Emperor Yongjia as a childhood sweetheart. Back then, the Qiao family was a well-known official family, but now the old Qiao Ge was the governor of the capital. In order to win over the Qiao family, the late emperor decided on this marriage.


   Otherwise, the position of this queen should belong to Concubine Meng.


   Concubine Meng's elder brother was given the title of Marquis of Guangping, and he led the army to fight with Emperor Yongjia. In Emperor Yongjia's heart, the Meng family held more weight than the Qiao family, and his favorite son was the eldest prince born to Concubine Meng.


  The choice of the main wife for the princes should be her, the queen's business. Two years ago, she wanted to choose an official daughter for the eldest prince as the concubine. Unexpectedly, with a single mouth, it was rejected by Emperor Yongjia.


   "I have plans for the first prince's marriage, so you don't have to worry about it."


  Emperor Yongjia's light words, but a heavy slap on her face, made her calculations go to waste.


   A few days later, Emperor Yongjia decreed the marriage, and the first prince concubine Liang was the daughter of the Great General of the Imperial Guard. The eldest prince has a powerful maternal family, and he has a father-in-law who is the general of the imperial guard, so his momentum is even greater.


   Every time she thinks of this, Queen Qiao's heart is like soaking in ice water, and she is the only one who knows how bitter and unwilling it is.


   "Report to the Empress," the maid bowed her head and reported, "His Royal Highness the Third Prince came to greet the Empress."


   The voice was neither loud nor low, enough for everyone in the hall to hear it.


   The girls who had been whispering to each other suddenly became quiet and exchanged glances with each other.



How is this going?


  Why did His Royal Highness the Third Prince come suddenly?


   Could it be that he is looking for a place for the humiliated Su Zhaorong?


  The eyes of everyone turned to Lu Mingyu, intentionally or unintentionally.


  Lu Mingyu looked straight back at everyone.


   What to see?


   Are your eyes big?




   Queen Qiao was also stunned for a moment, and quickly nodded in agreement: "Let the Third Prince come in."


   Soon, Li Hao, the third prince with handsome eyebrows and eyes, appeared in front of everyone. Li Hao didn't look sideways, clasped his fists, and bowed: "The son has seen my mother."


   The eyes of the girls lit up, and their hearts skipped a beat involuntarily.


  Su Zhaorong is really humble. But His Royal Highness the Third Prince is too handsome...


  Lu Mingyu looked at Li Hao, who was tall and graceful and clenched her right fist. The hatred and anger that had been suppressed at the bottom of her heart were about to move again.


   I really want to punch him once I see it!


   Queen Qiao was dismissive of Su Zhaorong, but she was kind to the third prince: "No ceremony, please get up."


   After Li Hao got up, Queen Qiao said with a smile, "It's too early to go to study in the study today."


   Li Hao replied respectfully: "I haven't left school yet. My son heard that Su Zhaorong was disrespectful in the Jiaofang Hall today, so he specially came to apologize to his mother on behalf of Su Zhaorong. Please forgive me."


   After saying that, he clasped his fists again and gave a deep bow.


   When something happens, she weeps and sheds tears, and asks her son to sue for support. This is what Su Zhaorong is used to doing.


  Li Hao has always cleaned up the mess for his mother since he was a child. However, it is rare to bow his head in an apology like today.


   Concubine Meng Gui's eyes flashed, and she interrupted with a smile: "Su Zhaorong is too much. It's such a big matter of sesame and mung bean, how can someone go to the study to deliver a letter. It makes you lose the quietness of reading."



   Concubine Qin echoed with a smile: "Isn't it? Speaking of it, it's just a trivial matter. The Empress is broad-minded and won't care about such trivial matters. Why do you need to make this trip in person."


  These words, which sounded mildly concerned, were actually malicious and full of provocation.


   The weak-tempered mother is the opponent of Concubine Meng and Concubine Qin. Not to mention Queen Qiao, who is on the top.


   As a man, it is inconvenient to argue with women. Furthermore, since he is a prince, there is no reason to argue with the concubines in the palace. Such a dull loss, their mother and son have endured silently for several years.


   When he gets married in the future, everything will be different.


  Lu Mingyu is of noble birth, born with divine power, and has a tough temperament, so she never suffers any losses. In the future, no one would dare to bully his mother again.


   Queen Qiao's voice sounded: "What Concubine Meng Gui and Concubine Qin wanted to say came into the heart of Ben Gong. Don't worry, Ben Gong is not angry."


   "Thank you mother for her generosity." Li Hao thanked. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, he walked in front of Lu Mingyu.


He is coming!


   The show is coming!


  The Third prince will definitely be angry at her with a frown!


  Lu Mingyu will lose face today!


   Jin Can'er stretched her neck excitedly, and Meng Yunluo and others followed. Even the reserved Qiao Wan looked over.


  She saw Li Hao standing still, and bowed his hands slightly: "Su Zhaorong had a nightmare two days ago, and she was in a restless mood. Today, Miss Lu was shocked because of her disrespect in the palace. I will accompany Miss Lu on behalf of Su Zhaorong."

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