In the Yihua Palace, there was intermittent low-pitched sobbing.


"A Hao, you saw it today... In this palace, everyone looks down on me. Your father respects the queen, pampers Meng Guifei, and takes pity on concubine Qin. When it's my turn, I am not even qualified to toast."


   "In front of everyone, he humiliated me. Everyone there was watching my joke"


   "I'm ashamed today, I can't wait to dig into the cracks in the ground."


  Su Zhaorong cried bitterly and sadly, tears falling down one by one.


   Li Hao felt distressed and a little helpless: "Mother don't cry. You have endured it all these years, let's endure it a little longer!"


   What can I do if I can't bear it?


  Su Zhaorong wiped her tears with a veil and whispered with red eyes: "A Hao, your father doesn't have me in his heart at all. If he is willing to lift me up and seal me as a concubine, my life will not be so difficult."



   "In those days, it was also my belly that had the best of luck. I gave birth to you in one fell swoop, and then I got the status of a Zhaorong. Otherwise, your royal father would have left me behind."


   "In the second half of my life, I have to count on you. A mother's status rises with her son's. One day, when you become the crown prince, no one will dare to bully our mother and son."


  Li Hao: "..."


   As a prince, it would be a lie to say that he never thought about being the crown prince.


   However, he knew very well in his heart that he was not at all dominant among the princes.


   In terms of origin, he is not as good as the Second prince. In terms of favor, it is not as good as the favored Eldest prince. Even the Fourth prince, relying on the support of Queen Mother Zhao, is also more favored than him.


   Want to compete for the throne, is it such an easy thing?


   Mother and son never said this before. At this moment, it was abruptly said, and in addition to the excitement, there was a hint of embarrassment that was indescribable.


   At this time, he was still studying in the study room, and he had neither entered the military camp nor attended the court. The civil and military officials knew a lot. The civil officials supported the Second prince, and many generals supported the First prince. The noble clans are closer to the Fourth Prince.


   He, the Third prince who was not born high and was not favored, trying to be the heir, was almost like a fool's dream.


"Mother," Li Hao took a deep breath and said solemnly, "Don't say anything like this in the future. The eldest brother is the eldest son, and the second brother is the direct descendant. Li Chu is nothing more than a direct descendant, and it is never my turn. "


Su Zhaorong stretched out his hand to grab his son's arm, and her eyes shone with astonishing light: "Why can't it be your turn? Swords have no eyes on the battlefield, life and death are impermanent. Maybe both of them died on the battlefield, your father can only Make you the Crown Prince..."



"Shut up!"


   Li Hao's heart was beating wildly, and he couldn't tell whether it was shock or anger, or the guilt and shame caused by the most secret thoughts in his heart.


  The blood suddenly rises, and the heart is surging.


   "Mother must never talk nonsense again!"


   "We are brothers, how can we have such a rebellious mind." Li Hao suddenly stood up and said sharply: "If I think so, I don't deserve to be human!"


  Su Zhaorong was also startled by Li Hao's anger and was about to open her mouth to explain, but Li Hao walked away with a cold face.


  Li Hao strode out of Yihua Palace.


   The cool breeze of the spring night blew toward his face, but it failed to extinguish the indescribable flame in his heart.

   All kinds of chaotic thoughts rushed through his mind.


   In the bottom of his heart, it seemed that there was a dark and ferocious beast locked up. Today, the beast almost broke through the cage.


   Why can't it be your turn? Swords have no eyes on the battlefield, life and death are impermanent. Maybe, both of them died on the battlefield, your imperial father can only make you the heir...


  Li Hao pursed the corners of his mouth very tightly, his pace getting faster and faster.


  The inner servant Xiaonian trotted all the way, barely keeping up.


  Li Hao hurried back to the bedroom all the way, just said a sentence: "No need to wait, step back!" Then he closed the door.


   His nose was almost flattened by the door panel, it was sore and painful, and tears welled up in his eyes. Xiao Nian covered his nose, bared his teeth silently for a moment, wiped his tears, and backed away.




  This night, nobody knew how many people tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep.


   In the early morning of the next day, Li Hao, who appeared outside the Jiaofang Hall, had a gloomy face and bloodshot eyes.


  The Eldest Prince was no better; with dark circles under his eyes and yawning. At first glance, he had not slept all night... The Eldest princess beside him was also a little tired, and her complexion was very delicate.



   "Eldest brother, Eldest sister-in-law." Li Hao cupped his hands.


   The eldest princess returned his greetings.


The eldest prince smiled and patted Li Hao's shoulder with a very affectionate tone: "Third brother, last night I didn't enjoy drinking well. Today I am hosting a banquet in the mansion, and our brothers gathered together alone to have a few drinks. "


   Once the princes got married, they had to leave the palace and live in the prince's mansion, where they could dine and feast at will, and it was much more convenient to make friends with courtiers.


  Li Hao responded with a calm smile.


   "Eldest brother and sister-in-law, Third brother, you came early." The Fourth Prince, Li Xianren, did not arrive, and the voice arrived first.


  The Fourth Prince is fourteen years old this year. He was born fair and beautiful, with a smile on his face, even when he was not smiling.


   After a while, the Fifth prince Li Chang came.


  Li Chang is not tall, and he is fat. He walked slowly, always looking a little stupid.


The Eldest prince swept his eyes and laughed: "We haven't seen each other for a few months, and the fifth brother is not good at all, but he has gained a lot of weight. In the future, he must practice martial arts well, and he can't get fat again. Otherwise, I am afraid that  he will not even be able to marry a daughter-in-law in the future."


  The Fourth Prince was also amused and laughed together.


  Li Chang kept silent, letting his brothers make fun of him.


  Li Hao's brows wrinkled invisibly, and he tried to change the topic: "Why hasn't the second brother come yet? Would you like to wait for the second brother to come in to go together?"


   "No need." The Eldest prince's tone was domineering and taken for granted: "His injury hasn't healed yet, and I'm afraid he won't come today. Our brothers will go to the father and mother first and greet them."



   As soon as the voice fell, a familiar figure appeared in front of everyone.


  The boy is tall and slender, neither hurried nor slow, and graceful.


   In the bright morning light, the young man moved from far to near, his face clearly reflected in the eyes of everyone.


   Beneath his long eyebrows are a pair of bright eyes. The bridge of the nose is straight and the lips are neither thick nor thin, forming an extremely handsome face.


  Everything is just right, can't add a point, and can't subtract a point.


   This young man is Li Jing, the Second prince.


  The second prince glanced at the Eldest prince: "I heard my Eldest brother mention me from afar, I don't know what the Eldest brother said?"


The Eldest prince was a little embarrassed and coughed: "You didn't show up at the palace banquet last night. I thought you would rest for a few days. It's just right that you are here now. Let's go to the palace together to greet our parents."


  The Second prince smiled lightly: "Everyone knows about my injury, Eldest brother doesn't need to emphasize it again and again."


   Eldest Prince: "..."


Talking about someone behind their back and he was caught.


   The Eldest prince was a little embarrassed.


  The Fourth prince immediately opened his mouth to smooth things out: "It's getting late, let's go ahead and greet Imperial Mother and Father!"


  Li Hao echoed with a smile: "Please Eldest brother and Second brother go first."


   The Second prince swept his gaze and looked over.


   Li Hao and the Second prince looked at each other and froze in their hearts.

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