Guangping Hou likes beauty. Not only are there beauties in the backyard, but there are also many handsome servants in the study. It's also an unspoken secret.

  Lu Mingyu broke it with one mouth, Meng Yunluo's charming face suddenly flushed red, and she couldn't hold her smile.

   Jin Can'er, who was so ashamed and angry just now, felt a little inexplicable in her heart when she saw her friend being beaten to the core.

   This is probably the happiness of "Better you than me"

  Lu Mingyu knew when to stop. Today is Shen Lan's hairpin ceremony. It's a good day, so don't bother Sister Shen.

   However, she showed her great power, how could the noble girls dare to provoke her? Consider yourself a little bit, and keep your mouth shut!

   Therefore, the rest of the waiting time was particularly harmonious.

   Soon, it was time for the ceremony.

   All the noble ladies surrounded Shen Lan and went to the main hall.

  Lu Mingyu, as a hairpin holder, has to be by Shen Lan's side all the time today.

  The guests who came to watch the ceremony not only watched a grand and lively hairpin ceremony today but also really saw the style of Fourth Miss Lu from the Xingyang Palace.

   "I heard about Fourth Miss Lu's valiant and unparalleled appearance, but when I see her today, she is even more beautiful."

"Isn't it? There are so many famous ladies and beauties of various colors. When you look at this gathering, the first thing you see is Fourth Miss Lu. With such grace and such an outstanding personality, I don't know which family's son is lucky enough to marry her back home as a daughter-in-law."

   "Don't think about it. Such an outstanding girl, I am afraid the ladies in the palace will have their sights on her long ago. Maybe the emperor's imperial decree for marriage will soon reach the Lu family. Where can anyone else get a chance."

   A group of nobles, officials, and madams gathered together to gossip in a low voice. After talking about Lu Mingyu, it is necessary to comment on the other outstanding girls.

   All kinds of gossip, no need to elaborate.

  Lu Fei stood in the corner, his eyes looking at Shen Lan's face from a distance.

  Shen Lan is the protagonist of today. She has always maintained a dignified and decent smile without squinting. It is even more impossible to look for Lu Fei's figure.

   But she knew that Lu Fei must be in a corner, staring at her quietly.

  In her heart, an act of unprecedented courage suddenly surged up.

  Xiaoyu is right.

   She has to show her heart to her parents and fight for herself.


   After the ceremony was completed, everyone ate a banquet in the Shen residence, and then they all left.

  Lu Mingyu and Lu Fei stayed until evening.

   Before leaving, Madam Shen held Lu Mingyu's hand affectionately, and thanked her repeatedly: "Xiaoyu, you worked hard today."

  Lu Mingyu smiled brightly: "Sister Shen and I are like sisters. Today, Sister Shen had her hairpin ceremony. I am very happy that I can be the hairpin holder, and it was not hard work at all."

   Madam Shen thanked Lu Fei again.

  Lu Fei is not good at words, but he is willing to be courteous, but he does not know what to say. After holding it for a while, he said, "If there is anything going on in the Shen family in the future, just let someone send a letter to me, and I will immediately lead the troops here."

   Madam Shen: "..."

  What can be such a matter of the Shen family that needs the righteous son of the King of Xingyang to lead his troops?

  Lu Mingyu just wanted to hold her forehead and sigh.

   The second brother can't blame others for being a bachelor in his previous life!

   Madam Shen was very self-restrained and quickly smiled: "Second son Lu is kind, our Shen family is very grateful."

   However, it is better not to have such an opportunity.

  Lu Fei was shocked to realize that he had made a slip of the tongue at this time, and his face suddenly blushed. Fortunately, his complexion is dark, so his blush was not very visible.

  Lu Mingyu hurriedly smiled and said goodbye, for fear that Lu Fei would say something wrong again.

  Lu Fei was no longer in the mood to ride and got into the carriage together, His face was rather depressed: "Fourth sister, I am too stupid. I can't even speak well. Madam Shen must think that I am stupid."

Lu Mingyu was not polite: "The mouth is stupid enough. Shen Shilang is a civil official, a scholar with a great family reputation, and his family is upright. What can happen that needs you to lead the army? Such words are not flattering rather it's like a curse. Is it normal for the Shen family to have such an accident!"

   Lu Fei's handsome face was almost twisted into a knot.

  Lu Mingyu held back her smile and slowed down her tone: "I'll tell you another not-so-fantastic thing. The Fang family intends to marry, and they have written to the Shen family many times. Shilang Shen and Madam Shen are quite appreciative of their second son."

  Lu Fei was startled, he forgot that he was still in the carriage, and stood up abruptly...

   There was a muffled sound of "dong", followed by a painful exclamation of "Hey yo".

   Lu Fei's head slammed into the top of the carriage.

  Lu Mingyu was funny and distressed: "This is in the carriage, why are you excited? Hurry up and sit down and talk."

   Lu Fei rubbed the top of his head with a grin and sat down again.

Lu Mingyu said in a low voice, "Don't worry. The Fang family has not officially proposed marriage, and the Shen family has not responded. There is still a chance. Moreover, I asked Sister Shen today, and she doesn't want to marry any second son of Fang. The one she likes is you."

   Lu Fei was overjoyed, his eyes shining brightly.

  He didn't feel annoyed and blamed himself, his head didn’t hurt anymore, and he smiled like a fool.

  Lu Mingyu was amused when she saw his giggling appearance. She opened her mouth and reminded: "I will discuss it with my father tonight, and he will go to the door tomorrow to propose marriage."

  Lu Fei nodded again and again.


  Shen House.

   Madam Shen was busy all day and was quite tired.

  Shen Shilang and Madam Shen are loving and affectionate in private. He stretched out his hand and rubbed Madam Shen's forehead, while asking earnestly, "Is my hand too heavy? Does your head still hurt?"

   Madam Shen had half snuggled into her husband's arms and laughed softly: "Master loves me so much, it doesn't hurt at all anymore."

  The old couple took the pain and numbness as fun, and they were exhausted and crooked for a while.

   "My family has a daughter who is just growing up." When Shen Shilang mentioned his beloved daughter, his face was full of joy and pride.

   Madam Shen was also full of smiles: "Yeah, Lan'er has grown up." After a pause, she said in a low voice, "Lan'er's marriage, what are your plans?"

  Shen Shilang smiled and said, "Fang's family has sent letters one after another, often revealing the intention of marriage. The second son of Fang is young and talented and is sure to pass Jinke brilliantly. You can't miss such a potential son-in-law."

   Madam Shen did not agree as usual, and sat up straight: "What do you think of the second son of Lu?"

   Shen Shilang was stunned and looked at Madam Shen: "Why did you suddenly mention Lu Fei?"

   Shen Shilang and Xingyang King have some acquaintances, and he was familiar with Lu Fei.

   Madam Shen narrated the scene of farewell before: "...You say, does Second Young Master Lu have any interest in our Lan'er?"

  The young man may think he has concealed it very well, but in fact, how would he be able to fool an experienced person?

   Shen Shilang pondered for a long time: "Fang's family is the first of the scholarly family. After the second son of Fang is admitted as a Jinshi, he is sure to choose the career of a civil official. The Lu family is a general, and the Lu Fei is even better."

"King Xingyang is sincere and righteous and treats his adopted son Lu Fei very well. Fourth Miss Lu is a girl's family, and she will always marry in the future. The 60,000 Xingyang army will then be handed over to Lu Fei in the future. So if you think of future prospect, the second son of Fang, I'm afraid it's not as good as Lu Fei."

   "It's just that the world is not peaceful, and it is common for generals to lead troops to fight. If something goes wrong, what will Lan'er do in the future?"

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