Lu Mingyu's eyes were full of ridicule, and she was so angry that she didn't care for anything else: "For the sake of your sincerity in kowtowing and making amends, I will forget it this time."

  What do you mean this time?

  Su Zhaorong's face was instantly distorted, and her expression was extremely ugly: "What do you mean by that!"

  Lu Mingyu said lightly: "What it literally means."


   An angry flame rushed into her mind instantly.

  Su Zhaorong's eyes were red, and she gritted her teeth: "Lu Mingyu, you are deceiving people too much!"

  Lu Mingyu's gloomy and terrible mood improved greatly at this time, and she replied leisurely: "That's right. I just deceive people too much, what are you going to do about it?"

  Su Zhaorong: "…"

  Lu Mingyu took two steps closer, and Su Zhaorong, whose face was ashen, reflexively stepped back again, and with a thud, hit the table again. The back almost broke.

   "Su Zhaorong," Lu Mingyu's eyes were as sharp as arrows, piercing straight into Su Zhaorong's eyes: "I know very well what kind of wishful thinking is in your heart."

   "I will make it clear today. The enmity between us will never end!"

After, she clenched her left hand into a fist again and slammed it down on the table.

   There was a muffled sound, and there was another hole on the table.

   One on the left and one on the right, very symmetrical.

  Lu Mingyu withdrew her hand and turned to leave.

  Su Zhaorong's face was pale, her body was paralyzed, and she slid softly to the ground.


  Lu Mingyu quickly walked out of the side hall.

   Zitan, who was guarding a few meters outside the side hall, had a complicated expression, and her eyes were full of fear.

  Their voices were blocked by the thick door panel, but the sound of a fist smashing the table was clearly heard in her ears. Zitan was afraid and uneasy in her heart and did not dare to step forward to stop Lu Mingyu.

  Lu Mingyu glanced coldly at Zitan, who was stunned like a cicada and continued to walk out.

   Coincidentally, as soon as she walked to the main entrance of Yihua Palace, she met another old friend.

  A ten-year-old half-grown boy, wearing a bright yellow prince's uniform, with a plain appearance, short and chubby, his eyes were squeezed into a slit by the fat on his face.

 The face was a bit stupid, but also showed a bit of honesty.

   Just by looking at his face, who can tell that this ordinary little fat man has a dark and twisted mind and hates his brother?

  Li Hao, a dog man, had a bad relationship with his righteousness, but he was really kind to his mother and brother. Protecting Li Chang everywhere. After ascending the throne, Li Hao chose a good marriage for Li Chang, and let Li Chang marry a beautiful and virtuous noble girl. He gave Li Chang the title of King Wu, and he was rich and prosperous.

   Before his death from a serious illness, Li Hao did not pass the throne to the young prince, but to his younger brother Li Chang. He trusted his own younger brother and believed that Li Chang will return the throne to his son after his son grew up.

Ha ha!

  Li Hao must have never thought that Li Chang couldn't wait to think about his widowed sister-in-law as soon as his corpse was buried.

   Li Chang may not like her very much, but he just wanted to humiliate the widowed sister-in-law in order to vent the dark jealousy that had accumulated in his heart for many years.

  Li Chang solemnly said that he had something to discuss with her, and brought her tea in person. At that time, she was not too defensive about Li Chang. She took the teacup and took two sips.

   Soon, the knockout drug in the tea broke out. Her eyes were blurred, her body swayed slightly, and her inner strength was not good.

  Li Chang showed a disgusting face and smiled maliciously: "The third brother has been buried. In the future, I will take good care of the third sister-in-law on behalf of the third brother."

   "The third sister-in-law drank the tea with the drug. She must be sore and weak now! It's a pity, that in a short while, the third sister-in-law will be unconscious. You can't experience the joy and beauty that follows..."

   As he spoke, he approached, reaching out to touch her wrist.

   She was both startled and angry. Taking advantage of the fact that the medicinal properties had not fully attacked, there was still a third of the strength in the body. She grabbed Li Chang's hand with a backhand and kicked Li Chang's crotch with a sudden kick.

  Li Chang let out an earth-shattering scream.

   This kick directly destroyed Li Chang.

   Her blood was surging, and her eyes were black. Holding on to not fall into a coma, she looked coldly at Li Chang who fell to the ground and screamed: "You are a beast! Li Hao is simply blind!"

  Li Chang almost fainted from the pain and fell to the ground, and his body kept twitching.

   A few servants who were guarding the door hurried in. Seeing the tragic state of the new emperor, all the people in the inner room panicked and immediately went to the imperial doctor.

   She endured dizziness and nausea, and coldly ordered: "Come here, send Ben Gong back to Changchun Palace."

   She forced herself back to Changchun Palace, and when she saw Qiyun, she passed out with confidence.

   This scandal in the palace was strictly suppressed. A few servants who knew about it quickly "disappeared" for various reasons.

   Empress Dowager Su hated her deeply, but she had no face to expose this secret.

   As for Li Chang, he was full of resentment and hated her. Since then, he spared no effort to weaken the Xingyang army and suppress the Lu clan. However, no matter how angry you are, the lost man's majesty will never come back.

  Li Chang couldn't get close to the palace concubine and could not give birth to a son, so naturally, he would not attack the young prince.

   Later, Li Chang and Empress Dowager Su had the idea to get rid of her with a poisonous plan. The prince was safe and sound.

After her rebirth, she saw Li Hao first and Su Zhaorong second. She didn't expect to see Li Chang so soon.


  Lu Mingyu stopped.

  Li Chang saw the cold and glamorous girl with an unfamiliar face at a glance, and was a little surprised: "Who are you?"

   He lived in the palace and never saw her.

  Lu Mingyu didn't say a word, looking at Li Chang coldly.

  Li Chang waited for a while and was rather annoyed that she didn't wait to respond. The flesh on his face trembled, and his slender eyes flashed with anger: "You bastard! Why aren't you answering this Prince?"

  Lu Mingyu sneered and stepped forward. After a few steps, she passed Li Chang.

   Now is not the time to clean up Li Chang. If you stay any longer, she was afraid she will be unable to hold back her urge to kill him!

  Li Chang's nose was almost crooked.

   Among the princes, he was the youngest and the least favored, and he was like a transparent person in the palace. Emperor Yongjia and Queen Qiao could hardly see him, even his mother Su Zhaorong often ignored his existence.

   Therefore, he hates others for not taking him seriously.

  Lu Mingyu walked over like that, treating him like air. She directly stabbed his sore spot.


   Li Chang shouted angrily: "Come here, take this woman who dares to disrespect this prince!"

   As a prince, Li Chang always had several guards accompanying him.

His guards heard the order, but did not move, and looked at each other hesitantly. One of the bolder ones persuaded in a low voice, "Your Highness, please calm down."

   "I heard that your Royal Mother asked the Fourth Miss Lu to enter the palace. This girl must be Fourth Miss Lu without a doubt."

   "His Royal Highness always knows the intentions of the Third Highness. In the future, His Highness will marry Fourth Miss Lu, and she will become the third sister-in-law of His Highness. It is really inappropriate to act on Fourth Miss Lu now."

  Li Chang: "…"

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