I’m starving to death. For several days already, he hadn’t been able to eat even a single cup of water, let alone a hot meal. This was going to starve him.

Judging by his head spinning and the dizziness, Yul’s current condition was on the verge of collapse.

Looking at the fruit basket on the table, Yul salivated. It was not a very satisfying meal after a few days of starvation, but now he was not in the position to be fussy about leftover food or dirty food… Or rather, he was not in a position to be fussy about withered fruit and the fresh fruit.

The distance to the table seemed to be approximately 2 metres. If the average person walked in stride, three or four steps would be enough to reach.

Yep, that’s for the average person.

The problem was that Yul was no ordinary person. He was only 20 centimeters long, and he was a double-headed, “human-shaped,” cotton doll whose head occupied half of his body.

Of course, it wasn’t like this from the beginning, but let’s talk about it gradually.

Yul moved his legs, the size of a finger, to the end of his shelf with pain. The height of the shelf was only about the waist when viewed from human eye level, but to the eyes of the 20cm cotton doll, it looked like a distant cliff.

“Can I? Can I really do it? Can I run up there from this height?”


Yul, who was babbling to himself subconsciously because of anxiety, was startled by the man’s voice and hurriedly covered his mouth. A mouth the size of a fingernail was completely covered by his short, chubby hands.

The man tossed and turned his body before becoming quiet again. Even after his movements had subsided, Yul’s small chest was still pounding.

He was Archduke Mikael Orlov, the owner of this castle and the owner of this room where Yul was living unintentionally.

If he had to add a few more things, he was a coldblooded scumbag with a prideful personality, who in the future would become obsessed with his aide, Levi Bryce, and then became a possessive yandere1.

I must not reveal my identity to such a scoundrel, absolutely.

As soon as he is found out, his limbs would be torn to shreds, and the cotton inside would be scattered everywhere. Such a tragic death was a no-no.

While calming his startled heart, a quiet silence came into the room. Archduke Orlov seemed to have fallen asleep again.

Yul made up his mind while looking at the colorful fruit basket and the sleeping man alternately.

After watching for several days, Mikael Orlov was a guy who didn’t leave anything to eat in the room, which suited his character well.

Luckily for today, the object of Mikael’s obsession in the future and his assistant, Levi Bryce, brought him a basket of fruit, so there was something to eat in the room.

If he missed today, he could not guarantee when he would be able to see food again.

Hence, he must eat today.

Yul closed his eyes and tightly covered his mouth with both his hands to prevent accidentally screaming. Then, trusting the cotton stuffed in his body, he jumped off the shelf without hesitation.


There was a small sound of the cotton ball falling. Yul almost screamed, but with his superhuman patience, he barely endured it.

The footsteps towards the table with the fruit baskets accelerated. His short, short legs moved busily. Yul, who finally came to the front of the table, took a deep breath.

“But how do I get up there again?…”

Although it was lower than the shelf, it was still a very high table from Yul’s point of view. Yul took a deep breath and looked at the table legs, which seemed to be three or four times his height, with a grudge.

Why on earth did he have to go through hardships by possessing a cotton doll the size of the palm?

He groaned in anger, but he didn’t do anything stupid to actually scream. He was just screaming internally.

“Phew… Anyway, I have to eat to survive. What to do? I can’t starve to death.”

Yul let out a long sigh and muttered to appease his anger. After taking a short deep breath, he hugged the legs of the table.

Okay, let’s go somewhere!

He squeezed the strength he lacked with his short limbs and started climbing on the table legs. Others may not know whether it is moving or rolling, but from Yul’s point of view, every time he moved his arm upward, he could feel his body rising. In other words, it meant that Yul’s body was small.

It was so difficult to climb up the table leg with the limbs covered with soft cloth, it was so difficult that it was like death. Yul sighed and climbed up the table leg.

“Huff, huff.”

Yul, who was going to rest for a while because it was hard, almost slipped and fell because of his soft body. He slipped about 5 cm, but in an instant, he gave strength to his limbs and escaped the crisis. Realizing that taking a break was a luxury, Yul squeezed out the energy he had mustered.

“Huh, huff, huh, I’m dying…”

Yul, who arrived at the table just before meeting the man wearing a black robe and a hat2, exhaled a rough breath, and fell face down.

Let’s rest a little, yeah, a little…

At that moment…

“… Why is this here?”

A cold voice pierced the eardrum sharply.

God damn it.


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