“Damn it.”

Mikael frowned as if he saw something he shouldn’t see.

It didn’t matter what came out of this egg. Mikael just considered it one more nuisance.

And Levi also shared this thought. There was practically no way for Mikael to take care of the animal that would be born from that egg. Basically, the caretaker hired by them would look after the animal as well, but it would be Levi’s job to report to the imperial family whether the animal was growing well. He swallowed a deep sigh in his heart.

Unlike these two people, Yul was looking at the egg with his big eyes shining with excitement.

The black egg was taller than Yul’s height. His eyes were blinded by the brilliant light reflected on the black background. He wondered what kind of animal would be born from such a pretty egg.

Up until this point, Yul would have never foreseen the tragic thing that would happen to him.


Yul rolled around on Mikael’s pillow. The fluffy pillow was so big that it was possible for Yul to roll around.

Of course, it must have seemed bigger because Yul was small, but Yul decided not to think like that.

“Am I really sleeping here?”

“Yeah. Sleep there.”


“What if Mikael crushes me while sleeping?”

“Avoid nimbly.”

“How can I avoid while I’m sleeping!”

“Then just be buried under.”

“You’re so mean!”

At Mikael’s words, Yul whined. After his identity was found out, he slept on a shelf or on the sofa for the past few days. However, this morning, while Yul was tossing and turning while sleeping, he fell off the shelf, so Yul’s bed changed.

It wasn’t that Yul asked to sleep on the bed, but he complained so much that Mikael’s ears almost fell off.

He wanted a little more secure and cozy bed, but he didn’t have the intention of sleeping in the same bed with Mikael, so Yul was worried.

What if Mikael, who was much bigger than his body, crushed him while sleeping?

So he said that he would sleep on a pillow to prevent that. It was better to be crushed by his head than his body.

Mikael didn’t bother to tell Yul, who looked around with a frown as if he was still worried, but he was also worried.

After watching him for a few days, he was certainly a doll, but he did not hurt by falling from a certain height or falling over.

He made a fuss about dying and getting hurt, but there was no physical wound anyway. So, even if he pressed on his body while sleeping, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But it was clear that he was going to complain until his eardrums burst.

Because of this, Mikael had already ordered Levi and quietly ordered a crib.

If this fact became known, it would have quite a ripple effect. The fact that Archduke Orlov secretly ordered a crib, they would babble from all sides, wondering if he had a hidden child.

It was absurd to even imagine. Mikael had entered the age of marriage, but had no intention of dating, let alone marrying.

He spent most of his day working, and in his spare time, he would do things such as swordsmanship training or horseback riding to take care of his body so he had no time to do anything else.

Of course, these days, there were other pastimes. Because of this little doll.

“Mikael, Mikael. Please move me over there. I want to see Lucky.”

Lucky was the name of the egg that Yul gave. Despite not knowing what might be born from it, he even gave it a name.

As soon as Mikael first received the egg, he tried to send it to the caretaker of the various animals of the Archduke.

However, Yul insisted that he wanted to take care of Lucky. Apparently, he was captivated by the appearance of the colourful egg, which Mikael could not understand at all.

“Hey! Mikael, hurry! I think Lucky moved. Gasp, it looks like it’s about to hatch!”

Andrei said it would take ten more days for the egg to hatch, and Yul was there. It had been four days since they visited the Imperial Palace, so he had to wait another week for the egg to actually hatch.

Still, Yul annoyed Mikael, saying that the egg would hatch whenever he had a chance.

While sighing, Mikael lifted Yul and took him to the front of the incubator.

As the egg was large, the incubator was also quite large. The incubator had a hemispherical shape as a whole. Only the upper part was transparent, so when Yul was far away, he could see the inside of the incubator, but he could not see the eggs in the incubator by himself up close. So, Yul often begged Mikael to move him so he could see Lucky.

To be honest, it would have been better if Mikael didn’t do it.

It was not anything big would happen if he didn’t listen to this little, insignificant guy, and considering his personality, he was not the type of person who did bothersome things.

But when that very insignificant guy asked him to do stuff, he felt like he had no choice.

He asked him to call him by his first name instead of his title because he was more embarrassed when he heard honorifics from such a trivial thing.

It was for a simple reason. It was fine to be respected by subduing a lion, but it was petty to be respected by subduing a kitten.

For that reason, Mikael tried to listen to Yul as much as possible. In order not to look frivolous against this little, insignificant cotton doll.

Of course, that was limited to a certain extent.

“Lucky, lucky. Hurry up and break the egg. I am your dad, Lucky.”

“Why are you the dad?”

“Isn’t it obviously because I’m taking care of it?”

Mikael burst out laughing at Yul’s answer.

Yul said he took care of it, but it was the incubator that set the temperature to actually hatch. Yul just urged him to look into it every hour.

And what did he mean by ‘dad’, Mikael thought it was absurd. Putting other things aside, he was smaller than the egg, it was funny to think just what kind of ‘dad’ he would make.

Besides, again, Yul didn’t even know what kind of animal was growing inside it. Mikael didn’t know what was inside either, but at least he didn’t want to be that thing’s father.

Yul, who could not understand Mikael’s thoughts, simply smiled satisfactorily and looked at the egg in the incubator. He couldn’t endure the excitement of a child being born from that pretty egg.

When he opened his eyes in the morning, he checked the condition of the egg first thing, and looked inside the incubator whenever he had spare time. He also didn’t forget to say good night to the egg before going to bed.

“Lucky, good night! I’ll see you soon.”

Yul greeted him with a bright voice. Mikael took Yul,turned off the lights in the room and headed to bed. While heading to bed, Yul’s eyes were on the incubator. His excitement-filled eyes shone like candy.

Yul, lying flat on a soft pillow, warned Mikael, who was lying on a pillow next to him.

“You can’t crush me when you sleep.”

“I told you before, so be quick to avoid it.”

“Ah, I said I can’t avoid it while sleeping!”

“Quiet. Don’t talk by my ear. My head is ringing.”

Mikael cut off the conversation coldly.

Yul pouted and shot a look at him. Then he quickly crouched down and prepared himself for bed. As he closed his eyes and stood still, he slowly began to fall asleep.

“… What?”

Yul, who had been hugging his tiny body of cotton wool, slowly opened her eyes. It was because he felt something wrapped around him.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a handkerchief on his body. And the owner of the large hand that covered it was Mikael.

“Oh! thanks.”

Yul smiled brightly and said thank you. His room was warm, and his body was also made of cotton, so sleeping without a cover was not particularly uncomfortable. Still, even if it was a thin handkerchief, it felt more secure than when nothing was covering him.

Yul hugged his handkerchief and rubbed his face. The expression on his face was so happy that it could be seen clearly even in the gloomy darkness. There was a bright smile on his face.

Mikael smiled silently following him without realizing it.

This little guy was very annoying and pompous, however, he was just as funny. That’s why, he decided he would cut him some slack.

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