It was a long time before Yul’s body found some balance. Only then could Mikael be relieved.

Yul checked his condition while jumping with his short legs.

“It’s done, I’m back!”

Mikael smiled softly when he saw Yul chattering with excitement.

Caleb, who was watching this, couldn’t help but question their relationship. How did the two of them meet and when did they become so close?

It had been quite some time since he served Mikael as his superior. In all that time, he had never seen Mikael express his emotions to the extent that they were openly exposed. Whether it might be a good feeling or a negative feeling.

But for that little doll, he was embarrassed, angry, and happy. Caleb was unfamiliar with it.

Of course, if you asked him if he disliked it, it wasn’t like that. He was just puzzled.

“Mikael, give me that mirror. See if it’s symmetrical!”

“How troublesome.”

Mikael grumbled and showed Yul the mirror.

Only his big face filled the mirror. Because of that, Yul had to step back for a while to see the whole body.

Yul, who often moved backwards with a busy pace, looked in the mirror and was astonished. When Mikael saw that, his eyes became sharp, wondering if there was another problem.

“I’m naked!”

But the words that came out of Yul’s mouth were different from what he was worried about.

Yul hastily covered his naked body. Of course, he knew that there were no important parts, but it was shameful to be naked in a place other than the bathroom.

“Mikael, Mikael! My clothes… Oh, right. They’re torn!”

As Yul exclaimed, he looked at Mikael with bitter eyes.

Once again, when he glared at him with the face of a cotton doll, there was no real threat at all.

Anyway, Mikael was in a bind. Even if the torn clothes were sewn back on, the problem now was that the clothes were messed up because of Lucky’s saliva. He struggled to bathe him, but he couldn’t put him back in that outfit.

While Mikael was thinking about these things, Yul squatted and covered his naked body as much as possible.

Fortunately, his head was so large that even when he was naked, there was not much attention to his body. Of course, this fact did not bring much comfort to Yul.

“Whew, Caleb. First, get someone to ask Mrs. Bones to make some clothes. Take the clothes from the bathroom and make them the same size, but since he has a big head, ask them to make the neckline a little more spacious, or button-ups so they’re easy to put on and take off. Ask her to make one and send it to me as soon as possible.”

“Underwear too!”

Yul quickly interrupted Mikael’s words. Once he found out that he had no underwear, he had no desire to continue living with no underwear.

“Yes? Yes, I understand…”

Caleb stuttered in response to the two of them.

Mrs. Bones was a renowned garment craftsman within the Empire, producing most of the garments of Archduke Orlov.

He replied ‘yes’ for now because it was an order, but there were definitely parts that worried him. As Mrs. Bones’ reputation was so high, not only the Archduke but also various families commissioned her to make garments.

In other words, she was the crossroads of numerous nobles. So she knew quite a bit of aristocratic gossip. For example, someone from a certain family recently got a government position and ordered tailored clothes.

Of course, she knew her position well, so she didn’t divulge information about the aristocratic families, but secrets would eventually leak out like smoke no matter how much she blocked them.

If the story of ordering doll clothes from the Archduke Orlov’s house of all places spread, people’s attention would naturally be drawn.

It wouldn’t be a problem if it was a family with children who played with dolls, there were no youth, let alone young children, in the Archduke’s house.

Curiosity would be amplified. Amplified curiosity sometimes produced erroneous results. For example, groundless rumors.

This was also what Caleb was concerned about.

He was concerned that there might be rumors that Mikael had a hidden child.

It was definitely a good thing that Mikael showed various emotions after the arrival of a doll called Yuri and looked happier than before. However, thinking about the misunderstandings that would follow, his heart swelled.

Caleb left the room with a heavy heart.

“Cover up with this.”

Mikael held out a handkerchief to Yul. Yul quickly took the handkerchief and wrapped it around his body.

When he wrapped the silky handkerchief with a colorful pattern around his body, it was like he was wearing an off-shoulder dress that would usually only be seen at a year-end awards ceremony. Seeing himself in the mirror, Yul puffed up both cheeks dissatisfied, but there was no other choice for now.

In the end, Yul, who had compromised with the given reality, sighed.

Life was not easy, and nothing really worked out the way he wanted. Especially after becoming a doll.

Yul bowed his big head. Then the weight of it pulled his body forward and he fell over headfirst.

“Argh! Argh! So annoying!”

Yul laid face down on the floor, stamping and struggling. Yul’s irritation reached its peak as his body did not listen to him especially in the midst of feeling troubled.

Mikael, who was looking at such a Yul, also did not feel very good.

It was truly a strange thing. What on earth was he so bothered about this little doll? He had to do a lot of troublesome work, so why doesn’t he hate it? Mikael himself did not understand at all.

“It’s already dinner time.”

“I don’t feel like it…”

Yul didn’t even raise his head and responded weakly.

Speaking of meals, it was obvious that it would be full of greasy flour and dairy products anyway. Of course, if Mikael threatened to cut him with a knife for complaining about side dishes, he would have to eat it because he had to live, but if not, he was going to endure it until the end.

“Right. Alright then.”

Contrary to his worries, Mikael unexpectedly backed down. Yul thought that that person was crazy, but it was a good thing anyway, so he stretched his body comfortably.

Meanwhile, there was a rattling sound from the side of the table. It seemed that the Archduke’s attendant was bringing a meal and preparing it. Yul didn’t even think about looking at it because it was something he had been through for the past few days.

There was a bustling noise for a while, followed by the sound of the door. The servant, who had finished preparing, seemed to have left the room.

Up until this point, Yul, who had been lying on his face without thinking much, abruptly woke up to a savoury spicy smell.

Sniffing, Yul, who had once again inhaled the fragrance, widened his eyes. It didn’t smell like greasy, oily cheese or butter.

As if possessed, he turned towards the table without realizing it, but Mikael, who was standing next to him, gently lifted Yul.


Yul, who arrived in front of the table in an instant with Mikael’s long legs rather than his own short legs, shed an ecstatic exclamation.

The food served on the table looked like spicy beef mutton soup. It wasn’t the kimchi and ramen that he cried so much for in the morning, but at least it was spicy food.

“You still don’t want to eat?”

At Mikael’s languid question, Yul clutched his heart. For the first time, Mikael looked wonderful.

Now you’re worth that handsome face!

Yul was deeply moved by the surprise gift he had prepared.

Yul arrived in front of the beef mutton soup with short legs and his eyes sparkled brightly.

“Mikael, Mikael! What’s this?”

“It was goulash, or something. Anyway, I asked the chef to make a spicy stew, and he did this. He can’t do kimchi right now because he has to get the ingredients, but he said he’ll try to make it soon.”


Yul looked at the goulash and Mikael’s face alternately. Mikael’s face looked as handsome as the goulash. Who knows what exactly is a good-looking goulash, but anyway, there was nothing better than goulash for Yul right now, so it was a compliment.

“Try it. If you want it to be more spicy, you can add pepper.”

In response to Mikael’s answer, Yul vigorously nodded.

Holding a teaspoon the size of his body, he took a sip of goulash and tasted it in a hurry.

It wasn’t the exact same, but it tasted like beef mutton soup. It was moderately stinging and spicy, not too much, enough to soothe his wistful stomach.

“Kya, it’s good!”

Mikael was also satisfied with Yul’s satisfied face.

It was worthwhile to leave Levi with the whining guy and go directly to the chef and order him to make the spicy food right away. Looking at Mikael’s expression, the chef agreed right away.

Mikael was able to return satisfied only after receiving the confirmation from the chef that he would somehow find the recipe and ingredients for the food he ordered.

Well, Yul would not know this fact even if he died and woke up.

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