My head, I think my head is going to break. No, is it already broken?

Yul made a sound of pain from a terrible headache that he felt before he could even open his eyes. With a bitter hangover, he was confused as to whether this place was in this world or the afterlife.

He forced his eyes to open. The grandeur ceiling of Mikael’s room caught his eye. Perhaps because of the hangover, the colorful ceiling pattern fluttered like a magic eye.


Spare me, spare me.

Words of begging an unknown person suddenly came to mind. Yul surrounded his throbbing head, cursing yesterday’s self for throwing herself back and forth.

“Why are my arms so heavy… what’s this?”


He thought it was only because of the hangover as he forcibly pulled up his unusually heavy right arm. However, Yul’s eyes widened when he found the chain wrapped around his tiny forearm.

As he moved his gaze along the line, he saw the chain tied to the head of a gorgeous bed. Not yet grasping what was going on, he stared blankly at the chains that were tightly bound for a while.

“What, what, what is this! Mikael, Mikael!”

After a while, Yul realized that his right arm was tightly tied to the bed and called Mikael urgently.

Not knowing what was going on at all, the only person who could solve this difficult situation was Mikael for now.

And yet, with his left hand, which lacked his fingers, he struggled to untie the chains on his right arm. Even if he had his fingers, there was no way he could untie the chain, but he couldn’t even think of it because he was so distracted.

“Mikael! Help me, Michael! Hey!!”

When he shouted for Mikael, whom he always looked for when he was in a hurry, the bathroom door opened. Yul let out a long sigh of relief, feeling relieved that he was saved now, and waited anxiously for Mikael to come out and save him.

After what seemed like a long time had passed, Mikael, with a towel wrapped around his lower body, appeared as if he had just finished bathing.

His jet-black hair was still wet and black as an abyss. His wet, pale skin shone like marble.

Yul, seeing his wide chest and shoulders, even forgot about his own situation and widened his eyes with envy.

“Looks like you’re awake.”

Mikael said as he brushed his wet hair. The cold voice was as sharp as a knife. His bright red eyes also shone brilliantly through the wavy black hair that fell naturally.

At that moment, Yul, who sensed something strange, rolled his wide eyes around.

Come to think of it, this was his room. At the very least, few people knew who he was. Moreover, his last memory was of having a drink in his room yesterday.

Putting it all together, it was concluded that it was Mikael who had him chained.

Yul was startled and covered his mouth with his left hand. The time has come, he thought that this crazy bastard is finally going crazy.

The other person put on his clothes without saying anything. His firm, wide chest was slowly hidden under his white shirt.

Yul looked at him silently and swallowed dryly. When he realized the seriousness of the situation every single action he took felt dangerous.

Whether it was because he had just woken up, or because he drank too much, the memories of the previous day seemed to have evaporated.

Of course, Mikael was a crazy guy, but the guy who was having dinner in a good condition wouldn’t have tied him up for no reason.

Then he drank and he did something… Not knowing what the hell it was, Yul had no choice but to be cautious.

After hesitating for a while, Yul had the courage to open his mouth. However, the answer returned was unexpected.

“I… Mikael, can I ask you one thing… ?”

“I’ll ask you first.”

He didn’t even look at Yul, and changed his outfit. Yul blinked his big eyes nervously at the cold voice.

“W- what are you curious about…?”

“What is ‘gwanggong’?”

Hup—. Yul inhaled sharply at Mikael’s words. He never imagined it would come out of his mouth, and words that shouldn’t have come out.

That is, the word ‘gwanggong’.

He couldn’t figure out the exact reason why that person was suddenly asking such a thing, but when he saw his own situation of being tied-up, he got a rough idea. Yesterday’s crazy self seemed to be having a good time drinking and talked about things he shouldn’t have said.

“Didn’t you hear me?”

With a gulp, dry saliva ran down his small throat.

“I asked what ‘gwanggong’ was.”


“Answer me, Yuri.”

Mikael’s red eyes stared at Yul. Yul froze in front of his eyes that flashed like fireworks. He had no idea what to say or how to rhyme. His mind just went blank.

“I am not very patient. So I’ll say it one last time. Tell me what a gwanggong is.”

Ahh, I’m screwed. I’m fucked. I got fucked, I got Johnson-ed, and what else… Anyway, it happened.


Only despair filled Yul’s tiny cotton ball head. Still, Yul began to stutter as much as he remembered, with the anxiety that he would not know what that madman would do if he delayed any further.

“W- what a gwanggong is… It’s a crazy gong…”

In fear of speaking too much, Yul translated ‘gwanggong’ literally. To be honest, it wasn’t a problem in itself to ask him what it was. The real question is, in what context did he ask what a gwanggong is?

What the hell was he doing the day before, such that Mikael was so coldly questioning what the gwanggong was? Yul struggled to find out somehow the memories that did not come to mind. A vague picture grew in his mind as if he could remember it soon.

“A crazy gong… Well, let’s move on for now. Then one more question.”

“Yes, yes. Please speak…”

Yul paid attention to the words with a chill. His chest tightened and it was hard for him to breathe.

“How are you going to escape now that you are tied up like that?”

At the cold question, the memories of yesterday rushed into Yul’s tiny head like a tide.


“Stop drinking now.”

“How can I! More drinks, more.”

At Mikael’s words, Yul sharply opened his half-opened eyes. The focus was blurry, and the eyes themselves were insignificant doll eyes, so there was no sense of intimidation.

Mikael burst out laughing at the short words. After sipping one or two sips of wine, he seemed drunk already.

It was his fault for giving what that insignificant little thing asked for because he thought nothing would happen even if he was drunk, but now that he thought that he had to put up with such arrogant words and actions, he was about to tell him to stop drinking again

“Kael-ah, Kael-ah! The drink you gave me is too little?”

Mikael’s eyes narrowed as he spoke while waving his small arm. No matter how drunk he was, he wondered if he had to put up with ‘Kael-ah, Kael-ah!’.

That was then. Yul started kicking his tongue while saying bizarre words.

“Tsk, why would a man who is a gwanggong like you be so stingy? Huh?”

“Gwanggong? What’s that?”

He tilted his head when he heard it for the first time. However, Yul didn’t seem to have any intention of answering Mikael’s question. Because he began to line up incomprehensible words.

“Kae-ah, you know, speaking of gwanggong. You can’t do that with what you eat. That’s a gwanggong disqualification. You can’t, you can’t. I’m here to say this, but I’ll put up with everything else. Yes, well… Bind Levi or beat him, shove carrots in… But why did you do that to carrots? What crime did carrots commit? … Wouldn’t it be better to put eggplants… Eggplant doesn’t taste good, so it’s okay… Carrot cakes are delicious!”

What Yul said was nonsense. What the heck did he mean by abusing Levi?

He wasn’t particularly fond of Levi, but he had a favorable opinion of him. He was neat in his work, so if he did it well, he did it well, but never did it badly.

So, as Yul said, there was absolutely no need to abuse Levi. But he was speaking naturally as if it had already happened.

“… Did I do that to Levi?”

Although he was drunk and babbled, Mikael, who felt strange, asked in a calm voice.

“Sigh, don’t say anything… I thought I was going to die of nausea while reading, urgh, urghh, I still feel nauseated. No, it’s because of alcohol… Anyway, it’s you, Kael, you can’t live life like that…”

Reading? What did he mean? It was a word that was too strange to simply brush off as the alcohol talking.

While Mikael was thinking about the meaning of Yul’s words, Yul suddenly stood up.

“Tsk tsk tsk, you can’t be like this. I need to run before our Kael goes crazy. When he awakens the flame will burst…”

“… Are you going to run away?”

“Hey, by the way, Kael-ah… Can you give me the ring?”

Yul, not recognizing Mikael’s cold expression in the drunken wind, smiled mischievously.

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