“Mikael… ?”

Mikael, who had been hardened like a plaster statue, came to his senses only after hearing Yul’s call.

It was embarrassing that his mind went blank and he then thought he should take Yul out of there.

Mikael hurriedly took off his suit and placed it on Yul.


Yul hastily put on the suit that was draped over his slim shoulders. He was a little slow to move because it had been quite a while since he had a human body, it was not to the point that he could not put on a coat. Yul slowly buttoned his jacket.

The length of the suit jacket was long, and Mikael’s height was so high that it covered all of Yul’s thighs with just the suit. But since he was wearing a jacket over his naked body, Yul’s cheeks became red in embarrassment.

“Let’s go.”

Mikael reached out to Yul, who was sitting on the floor. Yul grabbed his hand and tried to get up. However, either because he suddenly became a human or because he was startled, his legs did not have any strength.

After trying to strengthen his legs a couple of times, Yul looked up at him with droopy eyes.

“Mikael… I’m really sorry, but I can’t…”


Mikael let out a short sigh, and immediately picked up Yul in a flash. Yul was startled by his behavior, not expecting him to give him to embrace him. But realizing that it was he who asked for help, he quietly hugged him by the nape of his neck.

Mikael gently opened the door and checked the movement outside. The servant who had guided him earlier was gone. Instead, there were Caleb and Levi walking around from afar, looking around as if they were looking for him.


“Ah, you were here… Huh, who is this…”

Caleb glanced at the pink-haired man he held in his arms and looked at Mikael with a startled look. Judging by the smooth white calves and the faintly visible deep collarbone, the person under the jacket seemed to be naked. Mikael was holding such a man. He was just bewildered as to what was going on.



In response to Mikael’s reply, Caleb asked back, bewildered. Clearly, Yuri was a doll that had been quietly staying in his pocket about 10 minutes ago, before Mikael disappeared quickly. However, he was startled when Mikael suddenly said that while holding a figure of a person.

“I said it’s Yuri. I’ll explain later. Caleb, go ahead and get the carriage ready. I will follow you soon.”

“Y-yes! I understand.”

Caleb still looked puzzled, but at Mikael’s command, he immediately carried out his orders. Caleb sprinted towards the end of the hallway.

Levi, who remained, was also perplexed. But he knew that he had to deal with the situation as quickly as possible.

The Archduke who was carrying a naked, unidentified man wearing only a coat… If anyone saw it, it was easy to get caught up in a scandal. Levi hurriedly looked around him and made sure no one was there, and he took the lead.

Mikael followed Levi’s with a brisk pace, holding Yul. Thanks to this, he didn’t run into anyone while he came out of the building.

As they exited the maze-like castle, there was a carriage waiting for Caleb, who had started earlier, in front of the building.

“Archduke, go and get into the carriage. I’ll draw the guards’ attention.”

After a short exchange, Levi immediately approached the guards nearby. He drew the guard’s gaze, pretending to ask something. Meanwhile, Mikael went straight into the carriage. Only after seeing him get into the carriage safely did Levi move away from the guards and get in as well.


“That man…”

Constantine, who was out on the balcony, narrowed his eyes. After all, the reason for the banquet was to summon Mikael and announce that he had returned, so he had no interest in anything else.

After he had spoken roughly a couple of words with the nobles who pretended to know him, he came out of the banquet hall and was resting on the balcony.

At that moment, he saw a strange scene. It was none other than Mikael’s escort knight who was running out of the building in a hurry.

Intuitively aware that something had happened to Mikael, Constantine hid behind the pillar.

Not long after, Mikael’s assistant appeared, followed by Mikael who was holding a man.

From the distance, he couldn’t even see the man’s face, but I could tell that the man’s hair was pink even in the dark.

He climbed into the carriage so quickly that he couldn’t see it properly, but the man was wearing the same jacket that Mikael was wearing earlier, and Mikael was only wearing a shirt and a vest.

Perhaps Mikael took off his banquet suit and put it on the man. And he ran away with the man in his arms.

“This is interesting.”

At the unexpected scene he saw, Constantine smiled with his lips stretched.


“What the hell happened? Is this really Yuri?”

Caleb asked in the fast-paced carriage, still feeling like he couldn’t comprehend things. Then, Yul scratched his cheek as if embarrassed. Then, when he suddenly realised that there were fingers on his hand, and his eyes widened.

“Gasp, I have fingers?! Oh, no, I have toes! Uh, wait, then…”

Yul remembered his missing genitals. He wasn’t able to check it because there wasn’t time earlier, but seeing that his fingers and toes are all attached, he thought that it might also be steadily attached. Of course, he couldn’t confirm it here where Caleb and Levi were. Instead, he headed toward the bottom which was covered by the jacket, with only eyes full of expectations.

“Uh… I guess it’s really Yuri.”

In the meantime, looking at Yul, Caleb admitted it. His voice got louder than when he was a doll, probably because his body grew bigger, but it was because his tone and voice were the same.

“Archduke, what happened?”

This time, Levi asked.

“He said he had a headache, and then he suddenly turned into a human.”

Mikael briefly described the unbelievable situation with his own eyes. Caleb and Levi frowned as if they did not understand his explanation, but Mikael also did not know what had happened, so he could not explain further.

Mikael looked at Yul with confused eyes. Pink hair and blue eyes. He was like when he was a doll. However, Yul’s appearance as a human is much, much more…

“Huh, my hair is still pink.”

Yul looked at his own face reflected in the window of the carriage and pulled a strand of his hair. Mikael watched him silently.

Then, Yul thrusted his face in front of Mikael’s nose. It was a narrow distance that even their breathing was mixed. He widened his big eyes, wondering something, and tilted his little face.

“Mikael, are those eyes blue too?”

“… Yeah. It’s blue.”

His lips, which were barely touching, moved away. Mikael, who had been looking at his distant lips, looked out the window and looked away.

“Huh, I see. My face is similar to mine, but my hair and eyes are the same as that of the doll.”

Mikael looked at Yul’s, who was talking to himself, face again at his self-talk. Eyes drooping like a puppy, small nostrils with a sharp nose bridge, and red lips that look like a smile. It was an appearance of Yul that he could not have imagined when he was a doll. On top of that, the white skin, slender face and the following neckline attracted attention.

So to put it simply, Yul’s appearance… it was pretty.

“Wow, look at the toes moving. It’s absolutely fascinating.”

Yul, who wiggled his toes and talked to himself, was definitely the same person as when he was a doll. But it was strange to see Yul who became a man. Even when he was a doll, his eyes kept rolling around, but something was subtly different from that time.

While Mikael was contemplating over that point, the carriage ran non-stop.

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