Yul rolled his big eyes around and looked into Mikael’s eyes.

He didn’t realize that some problems had arisen while he was busy admiring the human body he had recovered after a long time. However, when he arrived at the Archduke’s residence, his concerns gradually increased one by one.

“Mikael, I can’t sleep on a pillow anymore. Where do I sleep?”

His first question was this.

When he returned from the banquet, he found a crib lying next to Mikael’s bed. He didn’t know for sure, but it was probably prepared for himself, who was a doll.

But now that he had become a man, it was impossible for him to lie in a crib.

However, it was also impossible to sleep on Mikael’s pillow as before. So he needed a place to sleep.

Of course, there was something he wanted to ask. He had never looked around the house, but seeing that it was huge, there were sure to be a lot of empty rooms. So he thought he would give him a room.

“Mikael, there are many empty rooms here right? I can sleep there.”

In response to an answer that did not come back quickly, Yul openly revealed his request. There were a lot of empty rooms anyway, and he couldn’t even sleep on a cot or pillow, and there was no way Mikael wanted to sleep with him…

“Of course you should sleep here, what are you talking about?”

… Or so he thought, but alas. Yul laughed awkwardly.

There must be a large bed in the empty room, but he seemed to want him to sleep on the sofa. What a terrible person.

“The sofa is small!”

Of course, he became a human, but Yul’s stature wasn’t that big. At 174 cm, it was a little, if he had to nitpick, it was a very small height.

He didn’t measure his height after becoming a human, but seeing that his face was the same as before, his height probably wouldn’t have changed. His body shape was also slender, so even if he slept on the sofa, it wouldn’t be too cramped.

But in this huge mansion, there was no reason to sleep on the sofa when there were decent rooms and beds.

“I don’t know why you think you’re sleeping on the sofa.”

“Then where do I sleep? The floor?!”

“… Of ​​course…”

Mikael paused when he was about to say, “Of course, why don’t we just sleep together in bed?”

Yul was wearing his shirt, but because of the difference in size, and when Yul tilted his head, the collarbone was exposed under the loose clothes.

When Mikael, who was momentarily distracted by his straight, deep collarbone, was unable to say anything, Yul frowned in dissatisfaction.

“No matter how much of slave I was when I was human, what do you mean sleep on the floor! You’re so much!”

Yul pounded the sofa with his fists and made a weeping sound.

He didn’t know if it’s unavoidable because there was no other room. However, there must have been empty rooms in this huge mansion, but Mikael’s intention to put himself to sleep in this room, the floor even, was like of a wicked thug.

Just bullying him! The most vicious in the world! Indeed a gwanggong!

“Who said you were going to sleep on the floor?”

“Then? Or do I sleep in bed with Mikael?”

It wasn’t his preferred option, but it was far better than the floor or sofa. Above all, Mikael’s bed was so large that two adult men were able to roll around and sleep. So it wouldn’t be that uncomfortable.

“Yuri, if you want to sleep in the same bed with me, do so.”

“No, I didn’t mean to say that.”

“Okay, then let’s do that for the sleeping arrangement.”

No, you. I’m not sleeping in the same bed with you because I want to? I don’t want to sleep on the floor or on the sofa, but that doesn’t mean I want to sleep with you.

Yul tried to rectify the conclusion that was completely different from his intentions, but Mikael neatly ignored Yul’s words as if he was deaf.

Of course, it wasn’t that Mikael had misunderstood Yul’s words. He, too, was experiencing his own severe internal conflict.

Naturally, he thought Yul should sleep in his bed. But he had no justification for that.

Besides, objectively, wasn’t it strange? There was nothing particularly strange when they slept in the same bed when Yul was a doll, but it was strange in many ways for two grown men to sleep in the same bed.

Still, the desire to put Yul to sleep in his own bed was an emotion that he couldn’t even understand.

So that’s why when Yul suggested it first, he immediately accepted. Whether Yul belatedly rebuked it or not.

Unable to understand Mikael’s heart, Yul looked at him dissatisfied and gave up. It was because he realized that his efforts to correct things were of no use, as he was a haughty person who interpreted everything as he pleased.

Yul pouted his plump lips and looked away.

The dark blue eyes turned to Lucky, who boasted golden scales. Lucky was staring at Yul with green eyes.

“Lucky, it’s me.”


At Yul’s call, Lucky tilted its head and answered. As Yul approached, Lucky also came closer to the fence and sniffed.

Its little head tilted left and right. Then it sniffed again. Yul pushed his palms close to the fence so it could comfortably sniff his scent.



Lucky cried helplessly and slowly stepped back. It was still staring at Yul, but keeping the distance seemed to make Yul, who became a human, awkward.

“Lucky, it’s me. Dad.”


Again, the poor Lucky suddenly moved far away from the fence. Then it completely turned its body around. He glanced at Yul from time to time, but there was a sign of unfamiliarity.

When he was a doll, the little thing that rushed in and chomped Yul whenever they made eye contact covered its face now as if it was dealing with someone who it had never met before, and Yul’s heart fell apart.

“Lucky! Lucky! It’s me, Dad! Pink hair, blue eyes! Isn’t it the same?!”

Now, Lucky didn’t even respond at all. It even sat with its back to Yul. Seeing this, Yul clutched his chest.

It would have been better to be in danger of being eaten. Now that the child raised with love doesn’t even recognize him. Yul stared vaguely at the back of his child, fallen into despair.

Mikael was watching this in silence. It wasn’t as much as Lucky, but Mikael was also unfamiliar with Yul who became a human.

The cotton doll, who was a small two-part body, suddenly became a pretty person.

Of course, Yul had said many times that he was originally a human, but he never thought that he would suddenly become an actual person so suddenly.

He wanted to know what the hell happened and why he became a person. Since he suddenly became a human, there was also the possibility of turning into a doll again.

Mikael decided to ask a wizard through Andrei.

Wizards were extremely rare, not only in the Wydefia Empire, but also in all other nearby countries. Even if it was a real wizard, most of them dealt with forbidden black magic or curses.

So, it wouldn’t be easy to find out about Yul’s physical condition, but he couldn’t stand by and watch this abnormal phenomenon.

Above all else, before becoming a human, Yul seemed very unstable. He complained of severe headaches and was in pain before turning into a human.

It was not normal to feel pain in itself, so it was necessary to clarify and resolve the reason.


Yul, who was still looking at Lucky’s back with a grim expression, stood up helplessly. Yul turned around, noticed the bathroom door in the distance, and his eyes lit up.

“Mikael, I’m going to wash up!”

There’s nothing better than a bath for a change of mood. When he was a doll, he was subjected to washing rather than bathing, but now that he became human, he was able to bathe with his own hands.

Yul remembered the huge bathroom and waited for Mikael’s answer in anticipation.

“Okay. Is it fine if I don’t wash you?”

“Hey, of course. I’m a person. I can wash myself!”

Yul was bewildered by Mikael’s question and ran to the bathroom.

Mikael stared at Yul’s back. His large clothes were baggy, revealing his slender body. He had his pants folded a few times and he was still afraid he would trip over and fall.

Even after Yul disappeared into the bathroom, Mikael looked at him for a long time. It was because of the glimmer in his eyes as if an afterimage of Yul was left.


“Ahh, that’s good.”

After immersing herself in the hot water, Yul exclaimed. He didn’t know, but whatever he could get his hands on, he poured into the bath whatever was in a pretty bottle. His whole body melted gently at the foam and the fragrant smell that came up.

“Wow, it’s hanging well.”

Yul smiled happily at the genitals hanging between his crotch, which was visible through the bubbles. Fortunately, his dick was as good as his fingers and toes.

When he was a doll, he smiled at the satisfaction that the human body gave her, which he had never known before.

“Good, good.”

Yul, who muttered to himself with satisfaction, immersed in the bathtub up to his head as if he were diving.

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