Raising wolves

Raising wolves


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Lu Qingze, a people’s teacher, once wore books and became an unfortunate imperial teacher.

Surrounded by wolves, either defect to the prime minister who has power over the government, or cultivate the young emperor into a generation of emperors through the ages.

Out of professional habit, Lu Qingze chose the latter.

No one is in awe of Lu Qingze, the emperor’s teacher who raised the young emperor with one hand. He has countless supporters of the imperial teacher. It is rumored that Lu Qingze has an ugly face, so he always wears a silver mask, lives in a secluded place, and rarely shows himself in front of others.

Only the young emperor knew what kind of pure and beautiful face lay beneath that mask.

After solving the trouble, Lu Qingze realized with hindsight that he raised the little cub to be a large wolf , and now the common enemy is gone, the little emperor started to move the people around him, and the next person who wants to fall to the ground is He; and now that the rabbits are dead, the dogs must be cooked!

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