When she came to, she’d become the villainess of The Princess of Flowers, Scheuer Nataly. At first, she tried to deny reality. No way, she thought, I must have read for too long. It’s a dream again, right? It must be.

Then she started to have doubts. Why does the crest on the wall look so familiar? It looks just like the one on the cover of the book.

Then she was left with frustration. Mirror, mirror on the wall… who is the most pitiful person of them all… Scheuer grabbed the mirror and cried; golden eyes with red hair—it was a beautiful appearance as if created from the description of a novel. In this world she was the heroine, Erina’s, older sister. The biggest problem was that she was a villainess who’d die at the hands of her sister. My eyes are brighter than my future.

Finally, she had no choice but to give up. This is definitely the body of Scheuer Nataly.

The Nataly family had been famous for producing excellent swordsmen for generations. It was said that beautiful and colorful flowers bloomed from their swords. It was an ability more powerful than imaginable

The ability to cause this bloom was always passed down to the eldest in the family. Strangely, however, these abilities had never appeared to the eldest daughter—Scheuer—no matter how much time passed.

Rather, she’d become the black sheep of the family. She was a thorn in their side who had tarnished the family’s legacy.

Fortunately—or unfortunately—flowers bloomed from the younger daughter, Erina’s sword. The family talent had, without a doubt, been passed to her. This caused Scheuer’s already low self-esteem to hit rock bottom.

Despite her beautiful appearance, Scheuer in the novel had been vicious on the inside: she was always jealous of her younger sister. Let’s take away the prince, she had thought, and kill Erina in the process.

As a result, she was executed by her own family. According to the original story, when Erina’s sword penetrated Scheuer’s body, the truth was revealed: she was a person who excelled at healing others not swordsmanship. She could revive withered flowers and give them new attributes.

It was not until she was killed did people become aware of this.

Till the end, the Nataly family had been obsessed with the blossoming sword and didn’t give Scheuer a chance for her abilities to unfold. As such, her death only ended up leaving a bitter lesson. After recalling this, Scheuer had to pause her intentions of running to the North. I wanted to go to my favorite character immediately, but I need time to adapt to this unfamiliar world.

Since there was no flag in the halls just yet, she assumed that it was a little while before Erina became the commander of the imperial knights. This meant that there was about a year or more until Raygrein passed away.

That was good at least.

Since he felt emotions for Erina, if I connect them well then Raygrein will be able to live. In fact, many readers wanted Raygrein—and not the prince—to be the male lead. The only time that he had felt emotions was after meeting Erina. He’d already fallen in love, so all there was left to do was change Erina’s mind.

Unfortunately, she had to abandon this plan in just three days.

“Looking for another poison, are you.”


“Do you think you’ll become the chosen one if you poison Erina. You really know nothing.”

Scheuer was puzzled by Duke Nataly’s voice. This must have been something that the “previous” Scheuer did. Her residual memories were proof of this. Scheuer knew all types of assassination skills. Thanks to this, everyday letters of complaints came to accuse her of trying to harm her sister.

As a result, Duke Nataly was extremely impatient with her. The vase that she was holding smashed into pieces as her father grabbed her face. “It’s not enough that you can’t even use the sword, but now you even try to hurt your sister. You’re a disgrace to the family.” He stepped on the crisp, fresh flowers, trampling them with his shoe.

That’s when a sweet voice cut in. “Don’t be so mean to sister, father.” The lips of the young girl drew upward, but her eyes contained superiority. “Even if she could use a sword, the flowers won’t bloom. It’d be in vain.”

Despite his contempt for his older daughter, Duke Nataly turned to Erina with friendliness. “Erina, how was the royal dinner?”

“His Majesty will be awarding us with a prize for defeating the rebels. I said ‘hello’ on father’s behalf.” Erina smiled as she handed over the banner signaling that she had become the head of the imperial knights. Duke Nataly was greatly moved to receive the banner.

“You’ve truly saved our family. Meanwhile, your sister is just plucking flowers cheekily.” The Duke of Nataly’s fierce gaze returned to Scheuer. The maids, who’d been mulling around, moved stealthily to remove the pieces of the broken vase.

Scheuer barely registered him. Instead, her gaze was fixed on the banner that Erina had brought home. Tension shook her eyes. I hate to believe it, but as the knight commander’s banner has been brought then it will soon be hung up in the main hall. Erina has become the knight commander.

This marked the beginning of the original work. At this rate, a year later both she and Raygrein would die.

I wanted to make up with them somehow, but it seems the relationship is already too broken. In that case, there was only one way forward: cutting everyone off and starting anew.

“Father, I will be leaving the family.” Scheuer said with a grim look on her face.


Even at being questioned by Duke Nataly, she held firm, enunciating one word at a time. “I’ll be leaving. I can’t use our powers anyway, so treat me like an absentee daughter.”

Silence ensured at the estate. Their eyes followed Scheuer as she moved past them and grabbed the door handle of the mansion’s entrance. That’s when the stern voice of Duke Nataly came from behind her. “Stop.”

Scheuer paused for a moment, turning back at his brutal tone, but there was no hesitation in her eyes. Instead, she seemed excited with expectations of what was to come.

“If you take a single step further then you will no longer be my daughter. Are you saying you’ll abandon your family?”

Scheuer replied definitively: “Yes, please disown me.” It was a voice that seemed refreshed. Her determination had even the Duke speechless. Scheuer smiled at him, who looked shocked and exited the mansion.

On the road, she’d run into a merchant carriage that was headed North and joined them without hesitation. While traveling along the long road, she closed her eyes and recalled the events of the novel.

She still remembered the ending vividly.

After Raygrein died, the North collapsed, and the monsters ran wild. Raygrein was completely forgotten about as Erina and the male lead—the Crown Prince—punished numeral imperial vassals and achieved their goals together.

They never even found Raygrein’s body. The ending only contained Erina’s happy ending.

“Even if I had endured in the South, I don’t know if I could connect them together,” she said quietly to herself. Furthermore, when she met the person in question, she’d been filled with doubts that the heroine Erina was a person that would suit Raygrein.

Well, I’d rather restore his emotions before he meets her.

It didn’t have to be love…in fact, it wasn’t good to aim too high. In terms of emotions, it could be fear or surprise. The range of what was considered ‘emotions’ were wide and varied. Whatever sentiment it was, however, it was important to restore them.

I’ll save him and then set up a tea house in the North and live a smooth life watching over him. That was why Scheuer chose to go North.

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