‘I must be crazy.’

Let’s stop worrying about useless things.

After thinking so, Esadien opened the book again, but the content was not in his head at all, and only the bookcase slowly moved on meaninglessly.

When it was over, I was conscious of Minuelle’s breath, which rang softly, and her body began to gain strength.

‘I think my condition is strange.’

Even just before the surprise operation began, and even when fighting against the assassin, his body was not this stiff.

‘Did I become too lazy these days?’

Theodore also returned to the capital, Roquette, so it’s time to reschedule his training.

However, the thought that Theodore would have been freaked out stopped when he heard a drowsy sound come out as Minuelle’s eyelashes shook.


“Oh, are you up?”

“How long did I sleep…..?”

The drowsiness still lingered, and the soft voice somehow made him gulp his dry saliva.

“One hour… around that… I guess.”

As if his mouth was already dry, he barely moistened his lips to answer, and Minuelle, startled, straightened her body, leaning on him.

“That long? Don’t you feel numb in your arms?”

Minuelle was worried that the arm she had leaned against would hurt. However, Esadien’s firm mouth only offered a single word.

“….it’s all right.”

“I’m glad then. Then I’ll get going now.”

As Minuelle rose from her seat, Esadien faintly felt a sense of loss. At the same time, he spilled words that he would never have said a week ago.

“It’s still bright, so don’t rush….”

“I’ll go, Esadien.”

Minuelle, who cut off the horse with a smile, bent slightly.

‘Oh, my name again.’

Esadien’s face lit up a little.

And at that moment.


A soft touch, accompanied by an unbelievable sound, stayed on Esadien’s cheek and then moved away.


My body and thoughts stopped. Esadien froze in his sitting position. Unknowingly holding his breath, he raised his hand stiffly and touched his cheek only after Minuelle left.

“I’m in trouble, though.”

Only that part seemed to be burning.


I’m not kidding, I’m really busy.

‘Bye, the past days when I just played and ate comfortably.’

Sister Juella left it all to me unless it was really necessary for her to make her own decisions.

“My baby, this older sister is busy breaking her bones with her job on the top.”

But the reason why I dare not say anything is because I see my sister is very busy.

‘She is a real superhuman.’

My sister’s office is constantly crowded. I watched my sister work because it was my spare time after a long time.

“They say they raised the toll in Parmian.”

“It hasn’t been long since you poke your pocket, and you’re having another seizure? How’s the ship’s progress?”

“They say it’s close to completion, but we can’t shorten the date further.”

“Okay. If you pull it for no reason, you can lose people and things. There is nothing I can do. Negotiate one more time. There’s no next time.”

Numerous agendas and instructions came and went breathlessly.

‘When did you go on date while working like that?’

I want to see Essadien too…..!

“When you’re done with this, go.”

Before I knew it, the people at the top had left, so my sister sat down next to me and said.


“You said you wanted to see the prince.”

“Did I just say it out loud?”

My sister pulled my cheek with a smile. I think she has had fun since the last time.

“Yeah, you’re very serious, too.”

“Ugh! Stop it.”

Originally, once I said that, I rarely let go, but today I was lucky.

“Lady, we have a visitor. He is the person Faroy said.”

I heard a knock and the sound of the person who had been waiting arrived. Sister Juella commanded overbearingly as if she was laughing like a naughty when.

“Okay, tell him he can come up.”

Today, I will meet my prospective brother-in-law, Gideon Faroy’s foster daughter, who has a maternal relative. My sister will take a socialite class and a bridal class for her wedding or something.

“My sister focuses on the top job rather than the social world, but I still don’t know what she wants to learn.”

“Well, in my family, if you’re in a position like me, the people you encounter are big names. You must have thought that if you were lucky enough to get a good face stamp, you could even catch a good string.”

“Oh…. I see. Should I do that later, too?”


My sister snorted with a look of bewilderment.

“Who are you going under? There is not even a princess.”

“Uh…. I know?”

Thinking about it, I twisted my fingers with my curly hair, and my sister patted the top of my head.

“Minuelle, you don’t have to flatter others by getting used to their faces. If you can’t remember even if you meet a hundred times, the other person should introduce themself a hundred times.”

“But that’s a little…..”

“That’s how power is supposed to be. Do you understand?”

My sister’s red eyes, who looked at her with that, had a friendly and cool determination.

‘Is this what a person in power is from birth?’

I nodded my head, pushed by the momentum, but I also felt awkward. Because I have memories of my past life, and in the temple, everyone spent their lives without thinking too much about their identity.

Meanwhile, the door opened with a knock. A beauty with her richly curled red hair and golden eyes came in and greeted her politely, grabbing the hem of her skirt.

“It is an honor to meet you. My name is Lafesch Celeste.”


She and my eyes met as the quilt pen in my hands fell off.

“Oh, are you okay?”

As soon as she asked, she bent down, picked up the quilt pen, and handed it over. It was not a noble act at all.

‘Why…. are you here?’

Lafesch Celeste…. It was the appearance of the female lead.


After that first meeting, I avoided Lafesch as much as possible.

Although we spend most of the time the sun rises together for wedding preparations, we try not to share anything other than work.

‘Tired. I want to see Esadien.’

Is it because Lafesch is the female protagonist? Of course, it is, but there were other reasons as well.

“Minuelle, would you like some of this? Caramel is my favorite…..”

“Minuelle looks really good in bright colors! It would be pretty if you put a lot of lace on it.“



Whenever she saw me, she said “Minuelle, Minuelle.” It was so burdensome that I had difficulty breathing as she acted like my maid, not my sister-in-law.

“Hah, really…. What’s wrong with her?”

I remember that the original “Lafesch” didn’t like “Minuelle” very much.

I know she lived near a desert area until she met Theodore, but it’s strange that she came up to the capital now….

“Ahhh, I don’t know.”

Since there was no contact point, it cannot be said that my behavior has changed.

Anyway, Lafesch was a person who brought a headache the more she thought about it.

“Huh. No one here?”

Even now, it was burdensome for the two to remain, so I just ran away to the garden with an excuse.

What Lafesch recommends was all the opposite of my taste, so it was even more distressing. In addition, I was crazy because I couldn’t see my prospective brother-in-law’s face.

I felt dizzy because I was stressed. I took a deep breath while touching the surface of the wood, and someone tapped my shoulder.

“What are you doing here? Minuelle.”

It was a familiar voice. The moment I recognized that the owner was Ramande, a violent cough broke out. She was so surprised that she stopped breathing.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

“I really can’t take my eyes off you.”

Ramande patted me on the back with a familiar sigh. The divine power flowing in whenever he touched me was comfortable.

“Oh, I really thought I was going to die.”

“I told you not to say that.”

“Oh, sorry.”

While rebuking like a priest, the hands that cleared up the mess here and there were so meticulous.

He patted her cheek, which had a fever from coughing, tucked her hair behind her ear, and tucked the ribbon that was about to come loose again.

Even today, Ramande was still the same.

“So, what’s the matter?”


Lafesch isn’t here right now, right? I looked around once again and continued.

“Well, Young Lady Celeste….”

But what kind of harmony is this? As soon as I took out her name, red hair came into my sight.

“Did you call me?”

Oh my god!

I shook and grabbed my heart. Whether it was visible or not, Lafesch was just smiling.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time, Minuelle.”

Help, Help me, Ramande.

After receiving my desperate gaze, Ramande sighed slightly.

“Minuelle was taking a walk with me for a while. My body is weak, so I have to give her a regular exercise.”

Would you stop talking like I’m walking a dog….

“I see. I heard that there is a priest who resides in the Duke’s residence, but this is the first time I’ve seen him.”

Obviously, they were both smiling with social faces, so I didn’t know why there seemed a spark between the two. I was the only one caught in the middle and sweated a lot on my back.

“I see. It’s my first time in Roquette. My name is Lafesch Celeste. I look forward to working with you.”

“I’m Ramande Flendena. Minuelle and I are childhood friends who grew up together in the temple.”

“Minulle grew up in a temple?”

Lafesch tilted her head as if it was the first time she had heard of it. It was a lovely move, but somehow I got goosebumps on my back.

‘Wait, you didn’t even do a background check on me, did you?’

Because that thought passed by in an instant.

But of course, it can’t be. Lafesch first met me after she entered the Duke’s house. Above all, if she had done a background check on me, she would have known my taste.

“That’s why you looked so close.”

Lafesch smiled, bending his golden eyes finely.

“But I’m sorry, Priest.”


It was when Ramande tried to open his mouth, frowning.

“Oh, my Lady. Were you here?”

The butler hurried toward us, huddled in the garden.

“Someone from the Faroy family came.”

“Oh, it’s already that time.”

I didn’t check the watch because I was only thinking of getting away from Lafesch.

Ramande asked me as I was about to go inside hurriedly.

“Shall I go with you?”

“What are you asking?”

Lafesch took my hand with delight, thinking that if Ramande were next to me, she would refrain a little.

“Me too, Minuelle’s hand…..”

I could hear a scary sound behind me, but I moved without knowing.

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