“Come on, Minuelle. Please sit this way.”

Lafesch smiled sweeter than usual, pointing between himself and Theodore.

“Ah, no. If I’m between you, it’ll be difficult for you two to talk.”

I lightly skipped Lapeche’s invitation and sat down in another seat and continued speaking casually.

“Come to think of it, Sir Tregosnan, Lady Celeste has something to say to you today.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Both I and Theodore’s eyes were on Lafesch.

I didn’t know I would say it so directly, so Lafesch showed signs of embarrassment for a while and then opened her mouth.

“Well, I think he made rude remarks at the first meeting last time. I’m sorry, lord Tregosnan.”

“No, I’m sorry to surprise you.”

“Yeah… I guess I stopped being defensive because I rarely talk to a gentleman.”

“Then can I approach you slowly?”

Oh wow, what a male protagonist. Theodore showed a straightforward appearance at an unexpected moment.

At an exciting moment, the overture started playing as if it were background music.

‘Oh, my.’

I was curious about Lafesch’s answer, but I had no choice but to suppress my curiosity and straighten my posture.

And after a while, it was around the time when the prelude with a desperate atmosphere was finished.

Lafesch whispered something to Theodore and opened the door of the separate room and went out.

‘Was she in a hurry to go to the bathroom?’

After that, however, Lafesch did not come back in until the full-fledged play began and the end of the day. Something was out of the ordinary.

“That’s strange. She left something in the lounge, but…..”

Is something wrong?

The sound of Theodore talking anxiously hit me in the head.

‘You were tricked!’

Like me trying to connect Theodore and Lafesch, she had a similar idea.

‘But you know I have a fiancé. Why?’

The face of Lafesch, who was mesmerized looking at Esadien, came to mind. At the same time, anxieties hit his throat as if he was about to vomit, but they managed to subside.

‘Let’s calm down. I warned her. Lafesch also accepted it.’

I haven’t gotten any evidence yet. It’s impossible to question a person recklessly.

 “First… I’ll tell the servant here to find Lady Celeste.”

“All right.”

And by the time this act is over.

We were able to hear the story of the gatekeeper that the young girl, who was dressed in an impression that was supposed to be Lafesch, had left the opera house.

Just in time, the heroine was singing a heroic aria.

Unlike the increasing atmosphere of the play, Theodore spoke in a subdued voice.

“It’s the first time I’ve been rejected like this.”

Theodore must have been embarrassed. I thought that the mood had improved since Lafesch apologized, so she approached him and ran away like a startled bird.

Feeling sorry for him, she patted his forearm a couple of times.

“After this act is over, I’m leaving.”


Theodore’s head fell gloomy.

It was in the middle of the play, so it was not yet completely dark. I felt like I could live by inhaling the cool air.

Theodore still had a sullen face.

“I’ll take you.”

“Uh… okay.”

He was so sad that he couldn’t resist.

But after a while, I very much regretted this choice.

“Am I that bad?”

It seems that the wound was rather large. Theodore repeated similar lamentations like a drunkard without even drinking.

“I know I’m not handsome. I look in the mirror every day. But I thought I would be able to give her a favorable impression if I tried. But….”

“No, no. Wait, Sir Tregosnan.”

I couldn’t listen any more. As for Theodore, he has a pretty decent appearance, but it is unforgivable in the name of Flendena to demean him like that.

‘What Ramande said.’

“All of Flendena’s children are beautiful. So stop talking like that.”

“Ka- Lady Karinen?”

When I spoke solemnly, mimicking the priests, Theodore opened his eyes wide, perhaps unexpectedly.

“Do you mean that my face and yours are the same?”

Ugh. But that’s not it!

“Excuse me!”

“Look at that.”

When I frowned, half angry and half dumbfounded, his shoulders, which seemed to be three times as long, drooped sullen.

‘This gentleman, I don’t think so, but he is subtly concerned about that.’

I sighed heavily and tapped his knee.

“I like the Prince, so I have no choice but to look the best.”


“Appearance is important, but it’s not everything. I’m sure one day, there will be someone who will cherish the lord the most in the world.”

“Is that so?”

“Of course.”

Straw shoes have their own partners. However, I don’t know why, but it seems that Lafesch was no longer Theodore’s partner.

‘Why is the original twisted?’

In the first place… Lafesch is now living in a desert border area. It was strange from the fact that she was suddenly adopted by another family and came up to the capital.

“….Young lady. Lady Karinen.”

I arrived home while thinking about Lafesch, which was not pleasant.

‘I didn’t mean to, but I left it unattended.’

Theodore, who escorted me, still had a gloomy look on her face. He was less than before, but he couldn’t be bothered to let it go.

“Sir, go eat.”


“If I let you go like this, I think you will be able to empty three barrels of alcohol.”

Theodore smiled shyly, stroking the back of his head.

Although it was love at first sight, it seems that he was sincere towards Lafesch, even for a short time.

‘I understand him.’

As soon as I saw Esadien, my heart was completely taken away.

“And yes, sir.”


“Shall we be friends?”


A loud voice spread with an end of ‘Eeehhhhh’. If this was a mountain, I’d definitely hear an echo.

“It hurts my ears, Theodore.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry….. But what?”

I deliberately tilted my head, raising only one corner of my lips.

“Would it be better to just call you Theo?”


Theodore’s face, which had been silent for a while, slowly returned to his usual smile. A mischievous but good-looking expression, that’s how Theodore is.

“No, is it confirmed immediately after asking ‘Should I?’ Aren’t you even listening?”

“You don’t like it?”

“Well, I didn’t say I didn’t like it.”

Yes, we can be friends like this.

The servant greeted us as we walked in, giggling like naughty people in our early teens.

“Did you enjoy going out, my Lady? The Prince is waiting in the library.”

“Oh, really?”

Esadien seems to have become a habit of visiting without notice. But there was no repulsion. I wasn’t going to visit the Imperial Palace in advance.

Theodore carefully asked me who was delighted.

“As expected, I’d better just go back, right?”

“Why do you say that? You’re best friends with Esadien.”

“Even so, wouldn’t you want to be together?”

“It’s okay. Come on, hurry this way!”

Theodore followed me with an embarrassed smile on my hand leading recklessly. Even though I feel like a mouse is pulling my strength to him, who is a strong knight.


Esadien’s unannounced visit to the Grand Duchess’ mansion was just to return the borrowed book.

Minuelle’s voice kept ringing in my ears since I went to bed after reading the book the day before.

“I’ll lend it to you. Please come and return it.“

Even in dreams, waking up at dawn, wielding a sword, while having breakfast.

Later, even the sky-blue eyes that looked into him from a very close distance came to mind. I even wondered if there was something magical in the book that Esadien could not know.


The servant looked at Esadien sighing with surprised eyes.

‘Your meal was fine, but why are you suddenly ripping off your hair?’

He has served the prince for a long time, but it was the first time he looked like this. He didn’t think it would be strange if he dropped his legs a little longer.

Although he is a son of a noble family, he’s still part of the Imperial Family. Of course, reading and writing were basic. Esadien glared at the book, but it was an ordinary history book.

『Prisoned Euneas』

From the title, the content is probably a life story until the establishment of the Duchy of Parmian.

Then the book didn’t matter either. The servant gave up speculation and asked bluntly.

“Prince, is there anything on your mind?”

“….it’s getting caught.”

Esadien, who was looking at the attendant as if he had woken up from a dream, blocked his mouth after a while. How can I say that I keep thinking of Minuelle?

Unlike what I thought I could keep a moderately dry space, Minuelle was a really difficult one.

“I like you, Prince!”

Her innocent smile and gift-like affection were stronger than any siege pendulum. Who knew that the wall that had been built up would collapse due to an open confession.

However, there was a presence that kept Esadien’s reason to the end.

“My dear son. I hate you.”

My mother had a secret acquaintance as a princess. A person who is not playing with fire overnight but who loves sincerely.

But it seems she wasn’t. When the news of his pregnancy was announced, the man disappeared.

To make matters worse, his mother was kicked out of the Imperial Palace at the order of the Emperor, who was angry when he learned the truth around the same time.

Of course, she was not on the street because she was of the Royal Family, but the shock of her being abandoned by her loved one drove her crazy.

“Esadien, my little angel. It would have been better without you.”

I can still vividly remember the days when I felt her sadness as I watched my mother say so in her sick bed with her pale face.

“He said he loved me.”

But even now, Esadien does not know who her biological father is.

“My dear Dien, if there is someone who tells you love at any time.”

Until the last moment, the mother spoke in a soft voice like freshly squeezed sheep’s milk.

“Remember that love dissipates faster than the mist before the morning sun.”

Think of me. Always….



At the call of the attendant, Esadien blinked his hardened eyes. Light returned little by little to the blurred eyes.

“If you are tired, would you like to drink in the bedroom? The bedroom is tidy.”

Esadien shook his head quietly. I didn’t think I could fall asleep like this.

“Prepare the carriage.”

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