Rebirth of the Excellent Daughter of the Marquis Household

Rebirth of the Excellent Daughter of the Marquis Household

REDMH 重生之侯府良女

51 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 1 days ago


Gu Yu Qi, a daughter born to a marquis household. She was beautiful with knowledge in both civil and military, and her kindness broader than the sky. It was love at first sight for her, and she insisted on marrying him and was happy even if she were to become a mistress. She worked hard to help him step by step to become the emperor.

But what happened to her in the end?

For ten whole years, she was humiliated and abandoned. Disheartened, she drank poison to end her life and set her place on fire, only to find herself back to when she was ten years old. It was the year she followed her mother into the capital. It wasn’t too late to change her fate.

If Yun Ke had any regrets in his previous life, then it would be how he always kept thinking about a woman who died decades ago. Because of that, before he died, he secretly had the woman’s ashes pressed beneath his coffin. As the emperor, he had the final say of everything under the sky. So how could he allow that woman to be arrogant in front of him? Even at his deathbed, he would crush her beneath him.

Who knew he’d be reborn again…

When the transmigrated girl meets the boy who was reborn, Gu Yu Qi simply wanted to yell at the sky. Just what are you playing at!?

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